Canadian Pacific losing recrew site at Harvey

HARVEY – Canadian Pacific Railway will be closing down its recrew site at Harvey in early 2018.

“With higher speeds and an efficient signaling system in place, most crews can make the trip from Enderlin to Portal, without stopping in Harvey for a recrew, within the federally mandated 12-hour work period. For trains that cannot make the full distance, our new crew base at Minot will be better positioned to handle the workload,” CP officials said in a prepared statement.

There are 73 train and engine positions based at Harvey. About 12 of those positions will remain after the move is complete.

The new Minot terminal will be formally established on or after Jan. 14, while the Harvey terminal will be officially decommissioned on or after March 15. Harvey will also remain an employment center for workers in CP’s mechanical, engineering, and signals and communications offices.

CP officials said they understand this will be a challenge to some employees and their families. “We are committed to working with those that are affected. They will all have a job at CP if they want it, and relocation assistance is available,” the officials said.