Defense attorney wants to withdraw as lawyer for Stanley bank robbery suspect

With multiple felony charges in two counties nearing trial, a defense attorney for bank robbery suspect Jeremy Maines, 44, has asked to withdraw from the cases.

Eric Baumann, who represents Maines in the various cases, said he has a conflict that requires him to withdraw. The state’s attorney’s office has objected to Baumann withdrawing from the case. Baumann did not want to give specifics about why he wants to withdraw in open court, he told Judge Richard Hagar on Wednesday in district court in Minot, and added that it is not required that a defense lawyer give a reason. Baumann said Maines is aware of why he wants to withdraw and the request was made in good faith.

Hagar declined to rule on the request on Wednesday and said he will pass the matter on to Judge Doug Mattson, who is handling the other cases.

The state’s attorney’s office has suggested that a closed hearing be scheduled where Baumann can explain his reason for wanting to withdraw.

According to court documents, Maines is charged with robbing the American Bank Center in Stanley on April 7. He is charged with robbery and theft of property, both Class B felonies, in Mountrail County for those incidents. He is also charged with four counts of terrorizing employees at the bank in Stanley on April 7. Maines allegedly brandished a pistol, threatened to shoot the four women and told them he was not afraid to kill them or to take them hostage until the bank vault was opened. He is charged in Ward County with fleeing a police officer, reckless endangerment and theft of property, all Class C felonies, with possession of stolen property, a Class A misdemeanor, and reckless driving, a Class B misdemeanor. All of those incidents are related to an ensuing car chase following the bank robbery. Maines has been in custody since April and has not been able to post bond.

– Andrea Johnson