Classic Rock raising money for Gudmunson all month

Classic Rock Cafe here in Minot will be holding a fundraiser today at 7 p.m. during their open mic night. Of the sales during that time, 25 percent will go to a fund to help Andrew Gudmunson as he recovers from his injury sustained in Las Vegas.

“We wanted to do something like this for him, but waited a little bit to let other places do their fundraisers first,” Rich Galster said.

Galster is the owner of Classic Rock Cafe and knew Gudmunson from realtor work.

Starting Saturday, customers who have a sticker that comes from Classic Rock’s take out menu can present it for 25 percent off their total to be donated to a fund for Gudmunson. Customers will be able to make this donation through the end of the month. Menus with the sticker can be picked up at Classic Rock.