World events bring national media to Minot AFB

MINOT AIR FORCE BASE – With the current world events, people in the national media are interested in visiting Minot Air Force Base’s nuclear deterrence mission.

Minot AFB is the only dual-wing nuclear-capable base in the Air Force, hosting two legs of the Strategic Triad. The 5th Bomb Wing has the B-52 bombers and the 91st Missile Wing has Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles located in underground facilities in the Minot missile field. The third leg of the triad is the Navy’s submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

Lt. Col. Jamie Humphries, chief of Public Affairs at the Minot base, said Forbes magazine will be visiting the base Monday through Wednesday.

That visit will be followed by a crew from NBC-TV. The NBC-TV representatives will be working on a story for the “Today” show as well as “Nightly News.”

Marie Claire magazine visited the Minot base for three days, from July 31-Aug. 2, for a story about female missileers of the 91st Missile Wing.

During Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis’ visit to the base on Sept. 13 several national media members accompanied him including Reuters, Associated Press and Stars and Stripes, according to Humphries.

He said other news agencies also have expressed interest recently in visiting the base.