Høstfest Quiz

Guess the year of this occasion at Høstfest!

Norsk Høstfest is offering a pair of tickets to the Little River Band concert during Høstfest to the winner of a Høstfest Quiz contest exclusively in Minot Daily News for the next 10 days. No purchase required. Rules: Each day for the next 10 days, Minot Daily News will publish a photo from a previous year’s Høstfest. To compete, each day you will need to determine what year the photo was taken. At the end of the 10 displays, you can then compile them in order, Day1 - Day 10, and submit your answers to Minot Daily News. Everyone who gets all the correct answers will have their name placed in a hat, and a winner drawn at random. Should no one get every answer correct, then those who get the most correct will have their names go into the hat. Minot Daily News will then inform the winner. VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT send entries daily; entries can only be received AFTER the final photo has run, and then for the next 24 hours. So, jot down your answers for 10 days, after you have all the years on an answer sheet in order of appearance in the newspaper, email your answers to contest@minotdailynews.com. You will need to include your name, address, email address and phone number with your 10 answers. Please note that answers submitted early or beyond the 24-hour period following publication of the 10th photo, that are incomplete, out of order or do not include contact information will not be eligible, and you will not receive notice. So, follow the rules and enjoy another Minot Daily News contest courtesy of Høstfest. Don’t forget to get your Joe Diffie/John Michael Montgomery tickets at høstfest.com