Drake-Anamoose students learn how to ‘adult’ in Life Skills class

Submitted photo Students at Drake-Anamoose High School learn how to change a tire, how to sew and how to cook as part of their Life Skills class.

If Drake-Anamoose High School senior Bobbie Jo Kuntz is ever out in the country with a flat tire, she will not be stranded.

Thanks to her Life Skills class at the high school, she and her classmates learn how to change a tire so she can get back on the road.

Kuntz and her school mate, junior Jill Rotherham, said the Life Skills classes are teaching them other useful skills that will help them become well-rounded adults.

During a section on finance, students focus on bank loans, tax preparation, compound and simple interest, savings options, credit cards, college loans and applying for college. In the automotive section, students learn how to check the fluids in a car and how to jump start a car as well as how to change a tire. A unit on cooking covers how to follow a recipe, how to understand measurements, and how to create a meal as well as on nutrition. Students also learn how to sew a button or a hem and how to repair clothing. Students also learn about forming good relationships.

“The final area is community service,” said Engen in an email. “Students are currently working on various projects that focus on the importance of community. Our school is actively recycling, will be participating in the Adopt a Highway program, and is working on the signage around town. We are also looking for more community projects to complete, so please contact us with ideas.”

Engen said the school also offers dual college credit classes and classes online or through ITV or through its own teachers.

“Thanks to this opportunity, many of our graduates enter college as a sophomore with anywhere from 21 to 54 college credit hours,” said Engen.

He said Rotherham will likely have an associate of science degree by the time she graduates from high school.

Engen said a 2014 Drake-Anamoose graduate, Becca Birdsell, entered college with 24 credits and is currently finishing a five-year accountancy program at the University of North Dakota within four years. Birdsell has accepted a position at a top accounting firm.

“We at Drake-Anamoose Public School are extremely proud of our students as they tackle the opportunities they are given at our school,” said Engen. “We also continue to seek innovative methods that challenge our students and help them to become North Dakota Choice Ready graduates.”