Teens enjoying summer jobs

Submitted Photo Mckenzie Sabo paints a rainbow on one of her customers at the Festival on Main.

Summer is a great time for most teens to sit around, sleep, and generally relax for a few months. However, that is not the case for some other youth. Summer can also be a great opportunity to find a job, earn some money, or practice some new skills.

Several Minot youth who have been doing just that spoke about their experiences.

Mckenzie Sabo, a senior, started doing face painting for a few local events. She and her friend started face painting when their pastor asked for volunteers for a church event, and they happily accepted. “It’s a lot of fun,” Sabo said. “It’s a great time to hang out or make new friends. I think one of the best parts is trying new designs and ways to be creative. We made a lot of designs from doing unicorns and butterflies, superheros, emojis, and just about everything.”

Besides working for her church she has also face painted at four other events and has no plans to stop working in the immediate future.

Lexi Chrest, an upcoming junior, also experienced a fun summer job. She got to spend her time working at Souris Valley Golf Course.

Submitted Photo Becca Nord packages a batch of donuts for customers at the State Fair

“I got the opportunity from my father,” she said. “He works for the park district, and it seemed like something I could get into.” Although spending one’s days at the golf course may be fun and exciting, especially with the opportunity to ride the golf carts, Lexi discovered something else from her experience. “I learned to be patient and have better people skills. I’d suggest having a summer job because it also teaches to be more responsible with money too.”

Although Becca Nord’s summer job was more brief, it was nonetheless an important experience. The sophomore worked at the North Dakota State Fair in the smoothies and donuts booth as a cashier. She said that her favorite part of the job was to help and interact with the customers.

“This job taught me to not only deal with customers but also how to work others too,” she said. Nord added, “For the future, I’d recommend other teens get this kind of job because it is fun! You need to be responsible, kind, and give all you can, and it’s a great opportunity to get out.”