Burlington man pleads guilty to robbery, felonious restraint, terrorizing

A 24-year-old Burlington man pleaded guilty to robbery, felonious restraint and terrorizing charges on Monday in district court in Minot.

Jherik Anthony Hess entered the pleas on an Alford basis, meaning he acknowledges that he would be found guilty at trial but disputes some of the allegations. He maintains that he didn’t intend to do some of the things he is accused of, but acknowledges that the victim’s story about what happened is right.

Ward County Assistant State’s Attorney Marie Miller objected to allowing Hess to enter Alford pleas. She said the violence of the crime called for Hess to accept responsibility.

Hess broke into a Minot residence on April 8, 2016, tied up a 22-year-old woman and pointed a gun at her, and robbed her. According to court documents, he fled the house with the woman’s cell phone, a wallet, several firearms and a digital camera.

Hes pleaded guilty to Class B felony robbery, Class C felony felonious restraint, and Class C felony terrorizing. He could face up to 10 years and $20,000 in fines for the robbery and up to five years and $10,000 in fines for each of the Class C felonies.

Hess will be sentenced at a later date. His attorney, Raissa Carpenter, asked Judge Richard Hagar to order a pre-sentence investigation.

Hess is also facing two additional burglary charges and two additional theft of property charges, all Class C felonies, in separate cases.