Minot man given deferred sentence for trespassing

A 34-year-old Minot man received a deferred imposition of sentence Wednesday for trespassing at a neighbor’s residence in April.

Kyle Joseph Koski entered an Alford plea to criminal trespass, a Class C felony, in district court in Minot before Judge Stacy Louser. The Alford plea means Koski maintains his innocence, but acknowledges the state has enough evidence that he might be found guilty at a trial.

Louser gave him credit for 86 days already served in jail and placed him on supervised probation for two years. If he successfully completes probation, the charge will be dismissed. Koski is also ordered to have no contact with the victims and to stay away from the man’s place of work. He must also obtain a chemical dependency evaluation and pay $525 in court costs.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, the neighbor called police and told him Koski had broken into his residence and they were wrestling on the ground. When police arrived, they saw that the garage door had been kicked in. Another officer went into the front door and found Koski on the floor in the kitchen. Police arrested Koski. The neighbor told them that Koski lives in a basement apartment in the southwest Minot residence and has no right to be in the upstairs portion of the residence. The neighbor told police that he heard Koski kick open the door and told his wife to grab a baseball bat. The man then confronted Koski and they scuffled.

In court at Koski’s initial appearance, the neighbor said Koski had earlier had hallucinations and called police to report that he heard a gunshot. Police then arrived, stormed the neighbor’s residence and pointed a gun and stun gun at the neighbor in front of his 7- and 3-year-old daughters. The neighbor told the prosecutor that Koski is a drug user and he doesn’t want Koski anywhere near his children.

Koski claimed that he lived in a separate apartment of the residence, had been locked out in the cold for hours and had been knocking and texting to be let back in. He claimed his neighbor assaulted him first.

– Andrea Johnson