The Fruit Club visits Minot

The Fruit Club, a Sioux Falls, S.D., based distributor of GMO-free, farm fresh fruit that delivers in specific areas across the nation will be in Minot Saturday and July 6.

The Fruit Club boasts of having gained mass publicity and many new customers because of their unique business model, which allows their company to sell fresh fruit directly to their customers, eliminating the need for grocery stores and keeps costs low.

“We are always excited to bring our delicious fruit to the Minot community,” founder Irina Kleinsasser said in a release announcing the local appearance. “Being able to provide U.S. grown quality fresh fruit, at an affordable price is something we pride ourselves in.”

The Fruit Club will be in Minot at The Vegas Motel, located on 2315 N Broadway, on Saturday and July 6 from 6:30-8:45 p.m. on both days.

For more information about The Fruit Club, email