Motorists encouraged to slow when encountering snow fog and blowing snow

BISMARCK – This week, two separate injury crashes occurred from snow fog and blowing snow. In both cases, motorists entered areas of reduced visibility and struck other vehicles and a pedestrian

If you encounter reduced visibility, slow down. Always buckle up and obey posted speed limits. Be aware of rapidly changing driving conditions. Remove any distractions and treat driving as a full-time responsibility.

Monday morning, a pickup entered blowing snow and struck another pickup and a pedestrian. The pedestrian suffered minor injuries and was transported for medical treatment. A few hours later, a Department of Transportation snow plow was rear-ended by a pickup. The driver entered snow fog and struck the plow. Both occupants in the pickup were injured and transported for treatment.

These crashes may have been avoided or the severity lessened if the drivers would’ve slowed immediately upon entering areas of reduced visibility.