Sertoma Club helps Minot Y’s Men

What started as a regular noon Monday meeting of the Minot Sertoma Club ended in beaming smiles at the Grand Hotel after the service club donated a significant amount of money to the Minot Y’s Men’s Tough Enough to Wear Pink project.

The Minot Sertoma Club presented a check to the Minot Y’s Men’s Tough Enough to Wear Pink project in the amount of $34,100. The two organizations partnered to raise these funds as a result of a raffle of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that had been donated to the Minot Ys Men. The Sertoma Club had the expertise in conducting raffles of this size based on their annual Hostfest Raffle and the Minot Y’s Men had the motorcycle and the cause.

Over the past nine months the Minot Y’s Men sold tickets at a variety of events including their annual rodeo and the Sertoma Beer Fest. Their efforts led to the sizeable donation to a worthwhile and necessary cause. The partnership between the two clubs was a first for both organizations.

The Minot Y’s Men said the partnership was a great success for a great cause. Andy Solsvig, president of the Minot Sertoma Club, said it showed the good things that can be done when organizations come together for a good cause.

Paul Kramer and Connie Sundby, representing the Minot Y’s Men’s Tough Enough to Wear Pink project, gave their heartfelt thanks to the Minot Sertoma Club on Monday.

“We’re grateful to have partnered with Sertoma,” Kramer said. “The community has embraced this campaign and it’s been wonderful to see.”

Sundby echoed Kramer’s grateful sentiment and added, “There’s always something good to come out of something bad (like cancer).” She helped start the Cancer Exercise Rehab program at Trinity Health and the fundraising done by the Minot Y’s Men’s Tough Enough to Wear Pink project is for people with cancer to go through the exercise program without having to pay.

Russell Gust, exercise physiology coordinator for Trinity Health’s Cancer Exercise Rehab program, said since the program started, there have been about 365 people who have benefited from it. He has helped people ages 14 to 88, he said, and finds it amazing to work with people who start in the three-month program feeling hopeless and sad to feeling hopeful and stronger. Gust said this month has been the biggest month for the program with 25 people enrolled. “It’s a lot, but it’s great because it’s helping so many people.”