Tuesday: son born to Alexandria Kenmille, Belcourt.

Tuesday: daughter born to Virginia and Chandler Braaten, Minot.

Wednesday: son born to Megan and Ryan Wissbrod, Crosby.

Wednesday: daughter born to Kirsti and Dillon Erickson, Minot.

Wednesday: daughter born to Claire and Johnathan Romich, Minot.

Thursday: daughter born to Christine and Jacob Fannik, Minot.

Thursday: son born to Emilie and Jory Walker, Minot.

Friday: daughter born to Heidi and Jordan Backstrom, Rugby.

Friday: daughter born to Shorash and Jordin Ford, MAFB.

Friday: daughter born to Samantah Bachmeier, Minot.

Friday: daughter born to Heathre Shahan, Minot.

Friday: son born to Jennifer and Randy Neset, Minot.

Saturday: son born to Brandi Donellan and Chase Gilbreath, Lignite.