Trinity Hospital

Wednesday, Dec. 20: daughter to Kayla and Kyle Schatz, Minot.

Thursday, Dec. 21: daughter to Alicia Osborn and Wyatt Seibel, Ross.

Thursday, Dec. 21: daughter to Hannah Watson, Minot.

Friday: son to Audrey and Richard Narvaez, MAFB.

Friday: daughter to Crystal Belgarde and Sheldon Azure, St. John.

Friday: son to Danielle and Travis Sauber, Minot.

Friday: son to Kiley and Scott Kary, Minot.

Saturday: daughter to Tiffany and Jacob Fylling, Minot.

Saturday: son to Kaitlynn and Cody Coomer, Minot.

Sunday: son to Ashley Cardoso and Shane Scott, Belcourt.