Trinity Hospital

Tuesday, Oct. 31: daughter to Kristin and Daniel Chase, New Town.

Tuesday, Oct. 31: son to Alejandra Gutierrez and Micah McGary, New Town.

Wednesday, Nov. 1: son to Christina and Andrew Butterworth, Minot.

Wednesday, Nov. 1: son to Amy and Timothy Goergen, Minot.

Thursday: son to Brandye and Trevin Klein, Minot.

Thursday: daughter to Laurence and Peter Discipio, MAFB.

Thursday: son to Desare and Demario Johnson, Minot.

Thursday: son to Brandi and Lance Jager, Minot.

Friday: daughter to Annie Rogers and Jonathan Steele, Parshall.

Saturday: son to Kassandra and Tyler Grant, Lignite.

Sunday: daughter to Heather and Edward Keller, Minot.

Monday: son to Hannah Erie and Matthew Sponsel, Minot.