New Adulting 101 program offered at Minot Public Library

The Minot Public Library is bringing a new series of classes for the community titled Adulting 101. Each class will offer a different lesson to help those fresh into the adult world or those just looking for a recap on certain skills. The first class, titled Adulting 101: Natural Cleaning, will take place on Monday.

Natural Cleaning will be hosted by Kasey Breuer. Beginning at 7 p.m. at the Minot Public Library. The class will teach those in attendance how to make low-cost, environmentally -friendly, non-toxic cleaning products.

Breuer has a variety of alternative products she plans to teach to those in attendance, including many laundry products, household cleaners for counters, bathrooms and floors and hand soaps. According to Breuer, they will be cost effective and not stink up the house like other products can.

“I don’t think that most people understand or ever know the dangers they are causing to their own health with some products,” Breuer said. “Endocrine Disruptors are in so many products and alone cause so many problems.”

She explained that many common products can be factors in a variety of different issues that those purchasing them face. Alternate methods cut back on risk factors brought into the home by traditional cleaners.

“It’s important for them to know there is another way and they don’t have to settle for what is on the shelf,” Breuer said.

The class will include a variety of samples along with a recipe to make a natural alternative for bleach.