Get ready, get set, and … SLOTH

Slothalon to collect donated eye glasses, raise money for Minot Lions Club

The t-shirts that attendees will receive will feature a sloth design on the back and state what the event was on the front. Sloths were chosen as the theme, according to Kristin Michels of the Minot Lions Club, because they aren’t the running kind but instead the slow-and-only-if-there’s-an-incentive types. Submitted Photo

In the few months that are warm and snow free in North Dakota, many fundraisers take their chance to have outdoor activities. A popular fundraiser is a 5K run/walk on some kind. Such strenuous work isn’t for everyone, though, so the Minot Lions Club is bringing a unique, slower, and slothier twist to the usual outdoor fundraisers.

On Saturday starting at Ben’s Tavern and ending at Arny’s 2.0, the Slothalon 0.5K walk will take place. Starting early at 10 a.m., walkers can meet at the bar for a refreshing beer before heading off on their long 0.5K trek, or roughly seven blocks, where they will be faced with different games to slow them down.

Walkers don’t need to worry about getting too tired though. At a half-way point, a coffee and donut break spot will be waiting. Once the walkers have made it to the final destination, a second celebratory free beer will be waiting.

When asked why a sloth themed mimic of a marathon, Kristin Michels of the Minot Lions Club said, “Because we’re not the running type. We’re the slow-and-only-of-there’s-an-incentive type. We talked about different animals that were slow to use as inspiration for games or costumes.”

Those attending the “Try” Slothalon are encouraged to dress up in any costume they feel like to have a good time down the path.

The idea came out of some brainstorming on what to do for a fundraiser, but with few in the group athletic, a regular marathon didn’t sound appealing. Then they saw information about a 0.5K in Texas. They all agreed that was something they could do.

Of course, this event isn’t just a fun time for those who aren’t quite into the 5K events. It is still a fundraiser and the Minot Lions Club are calling out to attendees and the community to help.

Minot Lions Club works to offer vision assistance to those in the community that need it. To continue to do this, they are asking that have glasses that aren’t being used anymore to bring them and leave them at either the drop spot at the beginning or at the drop spot at the end. Even those uninterested in the Slothalon are asked to donate.

Along with any donated glasses, all funds earned through those attending goes to the Minot Lions Club to help support projects and individuals around the community through donations that the club are able to give.

The Try Slothalon costs $35 and includes the two beers, a t-shirt, a sticker, and all the other shenanigans that will be involved with the long winded 0.5K walk. Tickets can be purchased at and there are links on both the Minot Lions Club site at, and the Minot Lions Facebook page.

They invite anyone who is 21 or older to partake in the fun and to come dressed up ridiculously and to skip and dance down the path.