Fitness, sportsmanship and time together

Magic City Games kicks off

As the weekend of Aug. 10 through Aug. 12 begins, so do the 2018 Magic City Games across Minot. Each day starting at 8 a.m. and running until 10 p.m., the games offer a place for local athletes, whether amateur, more, or less, to get together and enjoy a few days of sports and games.

Events that are expected to be included are sand volleyball, 3-on-3 basketball, racquetball, CrossFit, pool, darts, and many more. Each sporting event is sponsored by a local business.

Magic City Games was inspired by the Prairie Rose State Games, a multi-sport event for athletes in the state of North Dakota. They started in 1987 and ended in July. Now the Magic City Games is taking over.

Magic City Games is working to promote physical fitness, healthy sportsmanship, and provide a unique opportunity for athletes and the general public to compete together in the events, according to the event Facebook page.

Events can be seen as they are announced on the 2018 Magic City Games event page on Facebook.