The Brass Band of Minot to perform concert

The Brass Band of Minot has been around for 24 years and coming on Feb. 11, they will be giving their first of four yearly concerts, titled “For the Love of Brass.”

The performance is free and will begin at 4 p.m. at Ann Nicole Nelson Hall. According to Gordon Troxel, the brass band is a British-style band with around 30 to 35 members from all around the area. Most are from Minot but a handful come from other towns to play. For this concert, there will be a trombone solo by Michael Harrison, who is a freshman at MSU and from Glenburn.

“One song, ‘Song of the Blacksmith,’ we will use a real anvil as a part of it,” said Troxel.

Along with that, the brass band will perform “Poet and Peasant Overture,” “Lady of Spain,” and many more. Troxel says they work hard to find songs that many will recognize, even if they don’t know the song.

“Many will recognize the sound and music,” he said. “We like to make it fun for the audience while still finding challenging songs for band members. They’ve all been playing a long time and many were directors at one point too.”

Troxel has been a member of the Brass Band of Minot since the beginning, starting off as a musician until he became director nine years ago. His brass instrument of choice is the euphonium. Much like the baritone, it shares a similar sound, but is used to play different parts.

“In my opinion, the brass band is an outstanding group and I’ve always been so fortunate to get to play with them and be a part of it all,” Troxel said.

The Brass Band of Minot’s “For the Love of Brass” concert is free to the public, but they will have a free will offering to help the band.