Help victims get a good night’s sleep

According to Minot Optimist Club, the Domestic Violence Crisis Center sheltered 119 women, 73 children, and responded to 1,173 crisis calls in 2017.

Domestic violence is an on-going struggle for many and DVCC does its best to help the community.

Since DVCC relies on donations to be able to do what they do, the Minot Optimist Club and United Community Bank are teaming up to give back to the community by encouraging area businesses to do a drive for pjs, pillows, twin sheets, or money to support the DVCC in their event, called Operation Sleep Tight.

2018 celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Minot Optimist Club and to celebrate, they want to challenge the area to do these drives to donate a large sum. The Minot DVCC has figured that a night of safety for each woman and child they take in costs around $40, prompting the Optimists to use #minotoptimists40for40 as a challenge.

“Many of the women and children who enter the emergency shelter come with no belongings and providing pajamas is an essential part of providing them comfort,” said DVCC Assistant Director Tara Bjornson in a press release.

The challenge and drives will end March 9 and to celebrate, United Community Bank will be hosting a pajama party at 10 a.m. for kids of all ages and their families. Those attending are encouraged to wear their pajamas and will get a behind the scenes tour of the bank as well as popcorn, a storytime, and a visit from Tank the Tauro. If those attending want, they are also encouraged to bring an item to donate to the DVCC on that day when they come to the party.

“In the past United Community Bank has hosted a pajama party for the DVCC and requested donations. However, this year, teaming up with the Minot Optimist Club, we have taken it to a whole new level, hoping to bring more awareness and support to the Domestic Violence Crisis Center,” said Minot Optimist Club President Jennifer Hubrig.