Western Plains Opera holding less formal gala

will host a gala at the Taube Art Museum tomorrow from 5-7 p.m. They invite anyone interested to come and get to know the cast of their upcoming performance, “The King and I.”

DeVera Bowles, professor at Minot State and costume designer for the performance, said that this year’s gala is different from previous ones.

Traditional galas focused on the guest singers and was more formal, but this upcoming gala will not only focus on the two guests coming for the performance but also on all the local talent that will be performing and letting the community come and get to know them.

“The cast is huge,” Bowles said. “There are 31 children, 16 wives, and dancers. In total I think we have around 85 people.”

The Western Plains Opera has typically done only one play a year, but that is something they have worked to change. With the performance of “The King and I,” this will be the company’s third year doing two plays.

Along with being a social event, the gala is a good way to let the community know about the company and to possibly donate to help raise funds.

“The gala is free, of course,” Bowles said. “But if someone feels like donating, we are always happy to accept. It makes larger performances like this go better.”

The Western Plains Opera Company will perform “The King and I” Jan. 25-28. Tickets are on sale now.