The new year is here and Magic City Misfits is dragging it in

With 2018 finishing its first week, Magic City Misfits are planning to celebrate the new year with local Kings and Queens of drag.

On Jan. 6 starting at 8 p.m. at the Vegas Motel, Magic City Misfits will put on its first drag show, “Drag Me Into The New Year!” Though this isn’t the first drag show to take place in Minot, it is the first to be done by Magic City Misfits who are known for their shadowcast performances of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

“The Misfits are putting on this show to offer the community some drag-styled entertainment between other planned shows, such as the drag show planned for the Minot Pride Festival by LOUD and Proud Productions, which will be this July. Many of the performers have expressed an interest to do a show before then, so the Misfits figured ‘Why not,'” said James Falcon, producer, co-director, and performer of the Magic City Misfits.

The drag show currently has seven featured performers and two participants in their amateur show. Falcon said it will be a mix of veterans and new performers. North Dakota’s oldest performing drag queen, Gimme’ Pillsen-Licher, will be taking the stage as well as newer performers Trent Razor, Edielyn Van Doren and Mike Hawk.

The Misfits have been around since 2014 and are starting to expand what they do to be more involved with more varieties of entertainment. They did a screening of “Night of the Living Dead” in October and are exploring other avenues of entertainment to bring to Minot, according to Falcon. The drag show is a step toward their goal with the new year.

Tickets will be on sale online today until 8 p.m. for $15 and then will be available at the door. There isn’t an age limit, but the Magic City Misfits do give a warning to parents that there is potential language and adult themes that might not be seen as appropriate for certain ages. Besides that, there is no age limit and the bar will be open for those of age with a proper I.D.

Falcon is excited for the show and says “what stands out the most is the variety that the performers offer, be it in regards to their outfits, music choice, and definitely appearance. There will surely be something for everybody!”