Magic City Discovery Center has one thing in mind: Snow, Snow, Snow

covery Center will be holding their Snow-tacular event for kids to learn and enjoy science mixed with fun wintry weather.

Elizabeth Weeks, who is the event coordinator, said that the Discovery Center did a similar event last year and that everyone had much fun. This year it is back and with a large variety of snow-themed activities.

“There will be snow slime, snow-dough, snow-paint, make your own snow, make your own snow fort, snowman art, and a winter photo booth,” listed Weeks.

Since the weather doesn’t seem to want to give us that nice white Christmas quite yet, there might not be real snow for the kids to enjoy a few extra activities that rely on it, but Weeks said that even if there isn’t real snow, there will be plenty to do inside through their many fun activities.

All the activities focus on scientific learning with the goal of kids learning how to use science to create snow related projects. They will go to each station and make a prediction about the activity. From there, they will plan how to make the creation, do the experiment, and then think back to see if their prediction was accurate. This is a very simplified version of the scientific method that they will learn in science classes when they get older.

“Using the imagination and items and supplies you have on hand is a great way to get kids to think and create,” Weeks said.

The cost of the event is the same as their regular admission, $4 per person or $15 per family, and any families that have punch cards will be able to use them. Those who go to Magic City Discovery Center will also be able to enjoy the regular activities the center has to offer.

The Snow-tacular event will be one of Magic City Discovery Center’s last events of 2017, but they have many more planned for 2018. They will also be hosting a New Year’s Eve party called Noon Year’s Eve Party taking place Dec. 31 at noon. Tickets can be purchased online and are $5.