Pair with a partner and learn to square

Minot Magic Square to give square dancing lessons

If you are looking for a fun way to get out and learn something new, the Minot Magic Square will be giving square dance lessons starting Sunday.

Minot Magic Square has been around for years but recently had a restart.

“It was going since way back when in the ’50s but it disbanded because of lack of members. Then in 2010 it was resurrected and we now have around 30 members,” said Jerry Frye, a member of the group.

The lessons will go for 10 weeks total, taking place at Trinity Homes from 2-4 p.m. The cost for the dances hasn’t been decided on yet, since it will depend on the amount of people who attend. The first week of lessons will be free so people can decide if they enjoy the dance and want to continue.

Square dance typically requires four couples that form a square while a caller calls out different moves. The square dance was designated the American Folk Dance of North Dakota in 1995 by the Legislature. This was in recognition of its contribution to the art and culture of the state. Members are hoping that lessons will bring in more people interested in keeping the clubs going.

For more informaton, call Marcy or Jerry Frye at 852-1957.