Prime rib challenge

Allan Blanks/MDN Brandon Yabusaki, left, and Tiffany Lee congratulate Cole Anderson, as the new speed-eating champion at Charlie’s Main Street Cafe, Thursday afternoon.

Hungry competitors gathered at Charlie’s Main Street Cafe to embark on a carnivorous quest to conquer the “Prime Rib Challenge” held Thursday afternoon.

At stake were bragging rights, a photograph, T-shirt and a $20 gift certificate from Charlie’s Main Street Cafe.

During the hearty competition, contenders sliced through tender layers of prime rib before bowing their heads to devour mounds of mashed potatoes drizzled with beef gravy.

Hungry but far from humble, the field of five competitors used their hands and every utensil offered to demolish the prime rib and its side of green peas along with buttered toast.

When the prime rib frenzy came to an end, Cole Anderson emerged as the speed-eating champion.

For Anderson, growing up on a ranch gave him the stamina and appetite to consume enormous portions of beef.

“My dad always said you have to chew before you swallow but that wasn’t the case today,” Anderson said.

As the competitors contended for prime rib glory, patrons encouraged them to eat on.

Tiffany Lee, the manager and owner of Charlie’s Main Street Cafe, looks forward to hosting another speed-eating challenge Thursday at 1:30 p.m..

For more information about the rules and upcoming challenge, visit online at