Say hello to the bad guy

Christian Rose returns to ‘Fully Loaded Wrestling’

Submitted Photo Christian Rose

Ring rocking slams, fearsome submission holds and lofty ladders will be featured during “Fully Loaded Wrestling” at The Vegas motel, tonight and Saturday at 7 p.m.

Doors open at 6 p.m. with ringside tickets selling for $15 and general admission listed at $10.

Among the exciting core of high-flying and hard-hitting wrestlers will be the nefarious champion Christian Rose.

Described by industry pros as “the absolute best at being the absolute worst,” Rose has held the “Fully Loaded Wrestling” Outlaw Championship for two years in a row before capturing the Heavy Weight Championship in December.

From flaunting his two championship belts to thrashing his opponents over and under the ropes, Rose is a ring savvy super villain who wins at all cost.

Across the full loaded universe, fans love to hate him and wrestlers want to beat him.

Tonight, fans can watch Rose in tag team action before seeing the dual champion compete in a six-man ladder match Saturday night.

Another infamous competitor of the fully loaded realm is Zickey Dice, a mystical dark force who’s rising up the “Fully Loaded Wrestling” ranks.

Opposite of the notorious champion and dark magician are fan favorites Chain Saw King and rising wrestling sensation J.C. Slater.

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