Fully Loaded Wrestling returns to Minot

Submitted Photo Master of the “Texas Cloverleaf” is the mysterious Chainsaw King. He and a host of fearsome wrestlers will contend for the Fully Loaded Wrestling “No Limit Title” Tonight through Saturday at the Vegas Motel.

High-flying kicks matched by hard-hitting strikes will be unleashed as the superstars of Fully Loaded Wrestling fight for the coveted No Limit Title, tonight and Saturday night at the Vegas Motel.

General admission is 10 per ticket, $15 for ringside seats and doors open at 6 p.m. with bell time starting at 7 p.m.

Competing in this fearsome championship are legendary headliners Arik Cannon, Chainsaw King, Darin Corbin and Mr. Inkredible alongside rising stars Bobby Brennan, Macen “The Mean Marine” Mayhem and Eric “Dynomite Soul” Walker.

With the retirement of Fully Loaded Wrestling icon Matt Cage, the No Limit Title is vacant and up for grabs.

Jared Gebhardt, the co-owner of Fully Loaded Wrestling, expressed overwhelming enthusiasm about the featured contenders.

“We have talented wrestlers coming from all over the country,” Gebhardt said. “We also have a local guy, Bobby Brennan, who’s getting his first shot at the title.”

Described by Gebhardt as fiery and fearless, Brennan, a resident of Minot, has worked his way from the bottom to earn this prestigious title shot.

“Bobby has a never-say-die attitude,” Gebhardt said. “He’s a passionate performer and a good athletic kid. Bobby is pretty strong for his size.”

Alongside Brennan are North Dakota natives Macen Mayhem, Mr. Inkredible and Eric Walker.

Among the veteran contenders are crowd favorites Chainsaw King and Arik Cannon.

Throughout the Fully Loaded Wrestling universe, Chainsaw King is noted for his mysterious appearance which features bizarre face paint and a peculiar top hat.

Quirks aside, opponents have come to fear the sound of chainsaws and respect the pain provided by Chainsaw King’s submission hold.

“Minot wrestling fans really love Chainsaw King,” Gebhardt said. “He’s a big powerhouse wrestler who uses great theatrics and knows how to get the crowd involved. His submission is the ‘Texas Cloverleaf’ and as soon as King executes this maneuver the crowd goes wild and screams ‘tap-tap-tap!’ “

While Chainsaw King delivers thunderous power and game changing theatrics, Arik Cannon displays exceptional execution with violent versatility.

“Arik Cannon can take on anybody,” Gebhardt said. “Arik has a big right hand and probably some of the best strikes in the business. No matter who Arik faces, crowds get a good entertaining match and you’ll never see him do the same moves twice. Arik adjusts his style to who’s in the ring.”

During the two-day showdown, families are welcome to meet and greet wrestlers, compete for prizes and give to a charitable cause.

“Doors open at 6 p.m. and everyone can talk to the different wrestlers, take pictures and purchase merchandise,” Gebhardt said. “As for door prizes, there will be a 50-50 raffle for the Colt Allery fund.”

Allery worked for the Rolette County Sheriff’s Department and was killed in the line of duty.

“We’re also taking donations for the Colt Allery fund at the door,” he said.

To learn more about Fully Loaded Wrestling, visit online at www.fullyloadedwrestling.com.