‘Student Body’ addresses sexual assault

Director Kevin Neuharth is challenging both his actors and audience members to face the morally gripping and heart-rending story of sexual assault on college campuses.

From Wednesday, Feb. 22 – Saturday, Feb. 25, cast members will present Frank Winters’ “Student Body.”

Throughout the performance, cast members will share the startling account of a freshman who locates a video that appears to depict a girl being raped.

As cast members view the horrific events, they become faced with life-changing questions.

“The theme of what would you do and what’s the right course of action comes into play,” Neuharth said. “Everyone is trying to graduate from college. After seeing the tape, the students are concerned with how their lives will be affected if they decide to report or not to report what they’ve seen.”

Due to the extremely harsh language and poignant story line, Neuharth suggested that viewer discretion be advised.

“This is for more mature audiences,” Neuharth said. “The language is pretty vicious.”

For Neuharth and Minot State University Title IX coordinator Lisa Dooley, “Student Body” is a story that needs to be told.

Dooley will provide talkback sessions after the Thursday, Feb. 23 and Saturday, Feb. 25 presentations of “Student Body.”

During the talkback sessions, Dooley will address reactions to the play and share information regarding sexual assault on college campuses.

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