North Dakota natives make big screen magic

Submitted Photo Fargo native Nick Fink, stars in the award winning film titled “The Great & The Small.” Fink portrays Scott, a 26-year-old man who decides to walk away from a life of petty crime and restore the bond between his love interest and their infant son.

Cinematic genius matched by theatrical brilliance has garnered international stardom for North Dakota natives Dusty Bias, Nick Fink and his father Mitch Fink.

From coast to coast, the film-making trio is capturing the hearts of moviegoers and imaginations of film critics.

Rooted with North Dakota values, the films produced by the dramatic triad share captivating stories about hard work, commitment to family and overcoming adversity.

Tuesday, Feb. 21, North Dakota audiences can view an awarding-winning movie titled “The Great & The Small” on video on demand or rent it on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

Formerly of Minot, Mitch Fink is the executive producer of the smash hit “The Great & The Small,” which is written and directed by Bias, a winner of the Sundance Movie Festival and recent winner of the Sonoma International Film Festival.

Bias, a native of the Magic City, is attracting the interest of Hollywood performers by creating complex characters with emotional depth and relatable story lines.

“Dusty is a unique individual,” Fink said. “He’s a character in his own right that battles his own set of personal demons. Dusty is a really interesting young man with amazing talent. I’ve read three or four of his scripts and I believe everything he does is uniquely different and extremely passionate.”

In the award-winning film “The Great & The Small,” Bias tells the story of a young man seeking redemption for missteps of his youth, while trying to mend broken relationships in an effort to reclaim his life.

At 26 years of age, Scott, portrayed by Fargo native Nick Fink, decides to walk away from a life of petty crime, sustain employment at a warehouse and restore the bond between his love interest, Nessa, played by Louisa Krause, and their infant son.

During the film, Bias displays his writing prowess by capturing the fierce spirit of Nessa, a single mom determined to provide for her son, while cautiously considering letting Scott back into their lives.

“You can’t sleep in my bed, I ain’t your girlfriend and what we have is called sex,” Nessa says.

Krause, a rising star with a role in the Showtime series “Billions,” demands that Scott commit to being a providing father before delivering a wholehearted ultimatum.

Honest, colorful and unapologetic, Bias writes lines that carry the conviction of his characters and resonate strongly with audiences.

Alongside the writing of Bias is Fink, a rising talent who’s earned roles in popular sitcoms including “Glee” and “The Mentalist.”

Noted for his wide range of emotional expression, Fink’s authenticity scored him a leading role in MTV’s “Sweet/Vicious” and the leading part in “The Great & The Small.”

For Fink, the combination of Fargo’s theater community along with his parents’ love for movies, inspired his passion for the film industry.

Today, Fink lives in Los Angeles, but credits his North Dakota upbringing for his cinematic success.

“Growing up in Fargo, me and my friends would shoot our movies with a little camcorder,” Fink said. “We had fun and created silly movies, L.A. was farthest from my mind. I’m certain that growing up in North Dakota, specifically Fargo, is a giant part of my success. I’m thankful for the blossoming theater community in Fargo and the support of my family. Being a Fargo kid teaches you to be appreciative and work together.”

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