Moments Notice to rock The Landing

Submitted Photo Moment’s Notice will kick off the first weekend of January as they perform at The Landing Bar tonight and Saturday at 9 p.m.

For the members of Moments Notice, to be alive is to play live.

Driven by their passion to perform, the hard rocking trio of Tracy Godejohn, Loren Azure and Johnny Vincent looks forward to entertaining audiences at The Landing Bar tonight and Saturday evening at 9 p.m.

“The Landing is one of our favorite venues,” Godejohn said. “They have a great staff and good people. This weekend is going to be really fun and we’re looking forward to playing a lot of classic rock.”

Throughout the night, concertgoers will experience the ecletic mix of blues, country, punk, funk and various dimensions of rock.

Versatile and fearless, Moments Notice is excited to cover the greatest hits of the greatest artists.

“With a flip of the hat, we can go from a traditional country song to an alternative hard rock song,” Azure said. “What separates the men from the boys is sounding like the real deal when going genre to genre. If you’re going to do a country song, you better sing and play like a country performer.”

In addition to playing crowd favorites, Moments Notice provides unique twists to celebrated classics.

“We’re going to hit all the nuances of the cover tune,” Azure said. “However, we’re going to put our own shtick on the song too.”

During performances, audiences can anticipate frequent displays of showmanship from bassist Johnny Vincent.

“Johnny is a showman and a great singer,” Azure said. “He’s really active on stage and has a high level of energy. He really loves to get the crowd involved with his antics.”

While Vincent captures the eyes of the crowd, Azure gets them moving to the beat.

“Loren is our timekeeper,” Godejohn said. “Me and Loren have been playing together for 12 years and I wouldn’t want to play with anyone else. From jazz to blues along with rock and heavy metal, Loren can do it all.”

Azure credits a high school music teacher for encouraging him to master different genres of music.

“What I have is called experience and feel,” Azure said. “My old music teacher said don’t fall in love with just one genre, learn to love them all.”

Where there is strength in numbers, there is also strength in variety.

“We can play dance music from the ’60’s and ’70’s and were always practicing newer material as well,” Godejohn said. “Experience has taught us that people like to hear different types of music and that allows us to cater to a wider variety of people.”

As Azure steadies the audience with his groves, Godejohn rocks them with vocals and guitaring.

“I think Tracy is one of the best guitarists in the area right now,” Azure said. “He’s not only a gifted guitar player, he’s a great friend.”

Along with their passion for performing, friendship is a common interest of Moments Notice.

Last summer, the Minot based variety band completed a 50-show tour that included opportunities to support local and state charities.

“We’ve been involved with suicide prevention and awareness,” Godejohn said. “The ride to silence the stigma and Out of the Darkness Walk are the two events we’ve been involved in. We have a lot of gratitude to be a part of these events and it’s an honor to play music to help people.”

In 2015, Moments Notice joined famed musician Mitch Weissman for the Beatlemania tour in Bismarck and Williston.

During the tour, Moments Notice performed live music to raise support for the rural firefighters union and law enforcement associations.

For Moments Notice, “Play live music to live and live to play live music” is their motto.

Moving forward, the trio aspires to keep the demand for live music alive.

“Other than Fargo, the Minot area is one of the only areas left that has live music,” Azure said. “During the ’90’s, live music almost died out because venues catered to the deejays. Today, live music is starting to make a comeback and we’re very appreciative of that. We hope that people continue to support live shows and support local musicians. We encourage everyone to visit North Dakota Music Exchange on Facebook.”

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