Reflections: God still performs miracles

Recently, students from Black Forest Academy in Germany, where we used to teach, were planning their annual spring break service projects. Student groups had met several times planning practical helps for orphanages, schools, churches and homes for the needy. They studied ways they could serve, what to take and what activities to do.

One week before departure, because of unrest in their African country, the decision was made to cancel that trip. It was a disappointment for that group after making so many plans. Thankfully, a similar opportunity was available in a different African country. However, with only a week left, it was going to be difficult to obtain visas. There wasn’t enough time to mail requests for visas and even filling out paperwork online wouldn’t fit into their time frame. They learned, though, that they could get the visas on time if they got them in person at an embassy. To do this, they needed 17 US $50 bills dated 2009 or later! Of course the German bank would have some US currency but the odds of finding 17 US $50’s with the date restriction was slim.

The group decided to go to the BFA finance office to see if they had any ideas. “Just this morning,” said the finance director, “someone came in to pay some of their child’s bills. They brought in 27 US $50 bills. Let’s see what we have.” After retrieving those bills and examining each one, they found that exactly 17 were dated 2009 or later!

God knew where he wanted these students to serve. God showed the leaders and students that He can work miracles by planning in advance that a family obtain and pay with $50 dollar bills. God also made sure that the dates were correct on the exact number of bills that were needed. Talk about covering the details!!

There are some in this world who believe that God created us and flung us to the stars, walking away and letting us fend for ourselves. In the face of many stories like the above, that opinion is unbelievable. Even more valuable is that a brief search of the Bible offers many examples of how God is actively engaged in caring for us. Consider Psalm 23 for example. This Psalm points out many ways that God, our good shepherd, cares for us. A good shepherd doesn’t take the sheep to pasture and go home to watch TV for a while. Instead, he watches for predators who want lamb chops for dinner. He moves the sheep from pasture to pasture so that they have enough to eat. He leads them to quiet streams so they can drink safely. When danger arises He protects them. The picture that is painted here demonstrates someone who actively engages in our lives.

We are likely unaware of the many miracles that happen around us. Some become known and some may never be known. However, when they happen from time to time it is a reminder that God is actively engaged in our lives and longs for us to take refuge, comfort and direction from Him because He will not forsake us. “For the Lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones.” (Psalm 37:28)

Helen McCormack and her husband, David, are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators serving from their home in Minot.

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