Catch-N-Release Club

Here is the latest North Dakota Game and Fish Department Catch-and Release Club qualifiers, date & length:

Heart Butte Reservoir channel catfish:

Drake Schoellkofp, Mandan, Sept. 17, 31 inches.

Alkaline Lake northern pike:

Nicholas Koster, Bismarck, Sept. 2, 32 inches.

Lake Oahe northern pike:

Trevor Hominick, Brandon, Sept. 14, 34 inches.

Trevor Hominick, Brandon, Sept. 16, 42 inches.

Heart Butte Reservoir northern pike:

Drake Schoellkopf, Mandan, 34 inches.

Lake Audubon smallmouth bass:

Luke Anderson, Glenburn, Sept. 2, 17 inches.

Lake Astabula smallmouth bass:

Cody Mosbrucker, West Fargo, Sept. 3, 18 inches.

Lake Darling smallmouth bass:

Kari Doubek, Minot Sept. 6, 16 inches.

Heart Butte Reservoir smallmouth bass:

Drake Schoellkopf, Mandan, Sept. 10, 16 inches.

Lake Sakakawea smallmouth bass:

Andee Adams-Woodmansee, Bismarck, Sept. 10, 19 inches.

Sheyenne River smallmouth bass:

Buddy Wolke, Edwardsville, Sept. 11, 16 inches.

Devils Lake walleye:

Austin Bicker, Grand Forks, Sept. 2, 28 inches.

Austin Bicker, Grand Forks, Sept. 2, 25 inches.

Don Rodgers, West Fargo, Sept. 22, 30 inches.

Lake Sakakawea walleye:

Neal Lochthowe, Minot, Sept. 3, 31 inches.

Lake Oahe white bass:

Trevor Hominick, Brandon, Sept. 13, 17 inches.

Larry Zimmerman, Napoleon, Sept. 14, 17 inches.