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Outdoor fire containers should be placed a safe distance from structures and combustible materials.

Follow safety measures to enjoy outdoor recreational fires

Outdoor fire containers are popular but safety measures must be taken when placing and using them. Early Sunday morning, the Garrison Fire and Rescue Squad were called to a fire at a residence in the Garrison Creek Cabin Site, the McLean County Independent in Garrison reported this week. The ...

Taking time to appreciate moments as ranch, family expand

I rushed to get the slushburger in the crockpot, the chip dip layered, and the watermelon cut and mixed with the cantaloupe from the fridge. It was 7:30 a.m., and one of our friends was already sitting at the counter with a cup of coffee, boots and hat waiting in the entry. He’s more of a ...

The Kaleidoscope Tomato Cage provides a sturdy support for tomato plants while adding color to the landscape. Photo from Gardener’s Supply Company.

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Add some extra appeal to your landscape with garden art

Adding excitement to your garden is easy. You can create instant, year-round color, structure, motion and fun to your landscape with a bit of garden art. Just like shopping for plants, look for pieces that complement your gardening style. And consider all the benefits each piece of art ...

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Dave Lebrun, president of Souris River Designs in Minot, shown in a sunroom model, said the location of a sunroom depends on the house and where it is situated, access to the sunroom and how it will be used.

Bringing the outdoors in

Have you been thinking about adding a sunroom to your home? A sunroom is a light-filled room that will maximize your living space and upgrade your home. It can be used for anything from a place to relax, an entertainment area to a children’s playroom. Dave Lebrun, president of Souris ...

Time away together is an investment in each other

We said we would take a honeymoon later. I was on the verge of turning 23, out of college a couple years and on the road with my music. He was on the verge of 24 and climbing oil dereks, seven days on, seven days off and more if he could. We were on a mission, on a roll, in love but on our ...


Harvesting, storing, preserving herbs from the garden

Enjoy herbs all year round. Harvest herbs for garden-fresh meals and preserve a few for the winter ahead. Snip a few leaves or leaf-covered stems as needed. For the same intensity of flavor, you generally need two to three times more fresh herbs than dried except for rosemary which has an ...

This undated photo provided by The Home Depot shows blue hibiscus, or Alyogyne, which is a good option to grow if you want to harvest a rich purple dye. Planting natural dye gardens is becoming a popular pursuit for those with green thumbs, as well as artists who work in various mediums. (The Home Depot via AP)

Planting a natural dye garden can be easy and inexpensive

As interest in eco-friendly products and methods grows, it's no surprise that many artists and other creative types are planting natural dye gardens. Low-cost and easy to grow, dye gardens can be planted just about anywhere. Over the centuries, popular plants used for dyes included indigo, ...

Do you know proper way to display the U.S. flag?

With Memorial Day on Monday approaching, many people like to display the U.S. flag as well as on other special days or even daily. Do you know the proper ways to display the U.S. flag? The Minot State University Veterans Service Office has provided the following information: Federal law ...

For your own safety, don’t stand too close

So, I’m a klutz. Accident prone. A magnet for small disasters. A target for falling things. This is my confession and a quality that’s so much a part of me I often use it when introducing myself to large groups: “A little about myself? Uh, OK. I’m an over-sharer who often has big ...

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Growing tomatoes in container gardens enables gardeners to jump start the growing season. Photo from Gardener’s Supply Company.

Grow an abundant tomato harvest in a pot

Harvest and enjoy the garden-fresh flavor of tomatoes right outside your kitchen. Grow them in containers set on your patio, balcony, deck or stairs. You’ll enjoy the convenience of harvesting fresh tomatoes just a few feet away from where you prepare your meals. And your guests will enjoy ...

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Limited space, big yeild

Square foot gardening is becoming a popular way to garden. “The main reason we encourage square foot gardening is (for) people that don’t have the space for a traditional garden, maybe they live in an apartment or they live in an area where the back yard’s really small and they don’t ...

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Growing, harvesting and preserving herbs allows you to enjoy fresh-from-the-garden flavor all year round. Photo from Bonnie Plants.

Harvesting, storing, preserving herbs from the garden

Enjoy herbs all year round. Harvest herbs for garden-fresh meals and preserve a few for the winter ahead. Snip a few leaves or leaf-covered stems as needed. For the same intensity of flavor, you generally need two to three times more fresh herbs than dried except for rosemary which has an ...

A trip to the sale barn proves the best days can’t be planned?

In all the years my husband and I have spent growing up together, there’s one quality we continue to share and that’s our affinity for last-minute, spontaneous plans. Especially if those plans mean blowing off yard work and fencing projects in favor of spending an 80-degree day at the ...

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Sarah Bradshaw, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, is shown at the Parker Center in Minot. She will observe Mother’s Day with family members in Minot.

Every day is mother’s day

Every day is mother’s day for mothers, although there’s one day of the year officially designated to honor them – Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother Sarah Bradshaw said one of the best things about Mother’s Day with her family members in ...

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We gain more from our mothers than just their looks

WATFORD CITY — In my life, there haven’t been many times someone’s told me that I look like my mother. I’m thinking about that now as I look at my head bobbing, harmonica playing, blonde haired, blue-eyed daughter and think, well, she doesn’t look like she belongs to me. Yesterday I ...

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The best defense against weeds is a thick, healthy lawn. Photo from Melinda Myers, LLC.

Boost your lawn’s health and beauty

Weeds are more than a nuisance when trying to grow a lush green lawn. They’re an indication that you need to make some changes in your overall lawn care practices. Start by evaluating your fertilization program or seek the help of a landscape professional. A properly fertilized lawn is ...

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Irene Gousheh, left, Minot Commission on Aging activity coordinator, arranged the MCA fashion show held April 27. Christopher & Banks models are, starting second from left, Mary Benson, Susan Bley, Sandy Gilbertson, Ruth Anderson, Lila Streifel, Arlyce Holtz, Gloria Coyne and Theresa Deibert.

Steppin’ out in style

The Minot Commission on Aging sends about 230 home-delivered meals each day to senior citizens in Minot. Another 30 or so meals are served at the MCA’s headquarters in the Parker Center in downtown Minot. To help with funding for the agency’s Meals on Wheels program, a fashion show of ...

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Elephant ears, like this Black Stem variety, can be grown in the garden or in containers. Photo from Longfield-Gardens.com.

Grow Your Own Tropical Paradise in a Container or Garden

Add an exciting new look to your garden, poolside, patio or deck with elephant ears. These easy tropical plants have tall stems and giant leaves that measure up to two feet across. You can use them to create an instant focal point in the garden, screen an unwanted view, or extend a bold welcome ...

Kory Houston, left, and Mitch Thompson, of the Minot Forestry Department, have the ivory silk lilac in place on a boulevard in northwest Minot and complete the planting, Thursday. The tree planting is part of the Minot Forestry Department’s annual Boulevard Tree Planting Program.

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Give a tree space

May is Arbor Month, a month to encourage people to plant trees, and Minot City Forester Brian Johnson has some tips for those planning to plant trees. Johnson said one of the common problems when planting trees is people will plant them too close together. “That’s a common thing. ...

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Container gardens are an easy way to incorporate color, edibles and interest into the landscape, shown in this photo from Bonnie Plants.

Five tips for container gardening success

Container gardens allow you to easily dress up your balcony and patio, create a colorful welcome for guests and keep edibles close at hand for cooking and entertaining. They’re also a terrific way for new gardeners to get their start. Increase your success growing vegetables, herbs or flowers ...