Christmas is all around us

Submitted Photos Brendan Ressler submitted these photos of the outdoor decorations at the Ressler home on 34th Avenue SE, Minot. “We have a large Christmas tree in the front yard surrounded by nine snowmen and one moose.” They also have the house roof lines lighted. A makeshift yurt in the backyard (not shown) has a few lights on it.
Submitted Photos ABOVE: Christa Brunsell of Surrey School submitted these photos. “It is our Christmas tree in our foyer of the school.” Brunsell said they wanted to show everyone the new ornaments.
Elaine Gunderson/MDN LEFT: The window of Artmain in downtown Minot is brightly decorated for the Christmas season.
Submitted Photo Dustin Aymond submitted these photos of the Aymond family’s outdoor decorations at their home on 19th Avenue NW in Minot.
Submitted Photo The window of Bray’s Saddlery in downtown Minot decorated for the Christmas season carries a western theme.