TLC for your roof

Spring is nearly here and time to think about any roof maintenance you might need to do.

A roof gets more abuse from the elements and debris than any other part of a building. Debris has a tendency to hold water that will ruin your roof over time, remove all debris behind vents, pipes, pitch pans, etc. Preventative maintenance will help your roof last longer, saving you money.

Storm aftermath

– Especially inspect your roof after a storm or excessive wind storms

– Use a blower to remove leaf or debris build-up


– Keep all gutters free of debris to avoid build-up

– Make sure all downspouts are draining properly

– Check for loose gutters and re-attach

– Prime and paint any rust spots

– Consider investing in gutter covers


– Poorly attached flashing can lead to blow-offs and leaks

– Remove all caulking and sealants that are weather damaged and repair or


Tree maintenance

– Trim back overhanging branches

– Fallen trees should be removed from your roof

– Consider removing dead trees before they damage your home


– Remove debris build up, especially algae

– Keep an eye out for loose, raised or worn shingles

– Check the mortar around chimneys and repair if necessary

– If there is one loose shingle there are likely more

Source: Menards