A gift for Valentine’s Day: Flowers & plants remain traditional gifts

Flowers are one of the the most traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day. Chocolates are in the top two gifts as well.

Tammy Holen, owner of Artistic Ambiance, has been in the floral business for 10 years as of Jan. 2 at 417 E. Burdick Expressway in Minot.

“A dozen roses is the most popular,” said Holen, as she worked at a counter in her store to arrange a bouquet.

She said customers ask for all different colors. “Every color under the rainbow we have in stock. Red is very popular but a lot of people like something different than red,” she said.

Prices for roses range from around $70 on up for a dozen long-stemmed roses arranged in a vase.

Customers buying for Valentine’s Day also love mixed arrangements, Holen said, naming flowers including stargazer lilies, tulips and irises for the arrangements. She said spring flowers are very popular – “bright and cheery and beautiful.”

With greenery in the vase for the arrangement, she sprays the leaves. “This shines the leaves,” she said.“And then I’m going to add some seeded eucalyptus. It smells beautiful,” she said.

She said some customers do not want flowers that smell and there are many flowers with little to no fragrance. For example, she said tulips and carnations have some fragrance. “Hydrangeas are a good one for no smell.” She said lilies have the most smell.

Holen added a hydrangea to her flower arrangement, later adding a few pink colored tulips.

Holen said they also sell many plants for Valentine’s Day, especially orchids, indicating the tall flowering plants on a table in the store.

She said other popular plants for Valentine’s Day include kalanchoes and azaleas.

Holen provided some suggestions for taking care of the flowers or plants

– Keep them in a cool place.

– Keep the vase full of water. “You don’t have to change the water but keep it full. You do not have to cut the stems. They’re already cut and hydrated,” she said.

– Don’t put them in the sunshine like on a table that gets bright sun. The heat from the sunshine will make them fail faster.

“We always keep the front cooler with arrangements,” she said. Completing the arrangement she has been working on, Holen gives it a spray. “This is a finishing spray. We put this on it after we’re done with the bouquet and it just keeps it even nicer,” she said.

Candies by Mikey’s Candy, a Pride of Dakota product, and stuffed animals also are popular Valentine’s gifts also sold at the store.

Teresa McGeough and a driver work with Holen at the store.

The time around Valentine’s Day is very busy at the store.

“It gets very, very hectic but it is a wonderful time because we have so many awesome wonderful sweet customers and we love it. Yes, we absolutely love it,” Holen said.