There’s still a few shopping days until Valentine’s Day

Eloise Ogden/MDN A giant 5-foot plush teddy bear is a Valentine’s Day gift a special someone will always remember.

Flowers, candy, jewelry, plush toy animals, perfume and clothing are appropriate and popular gifts for Valentine’s Day.

You only have until Tuesday but if you are looking for something else for a last-minute gift for that someone special, here’s a few ideas from the pages of the Minot Daily News.

– Is your special person a concertgoer? North Dakota State Fair Grandstand Country Showpasses for a variety of concerts and other events just went on sale. To find out more go to

– Does your significant other like to go to movies and is waiting for the newly reconstructed Oak Park Theater in Minot to open. The theater officially opens its doors Feb. 24. For details about the theater’s Buy A Seat promotion see or visit its Facebook page at

– Select a charity of your choice and donate to it in the name of your special person.

– Physical activity trackers, smartphones, tablets to laptops and other techy items plus accessories might fill the bill.

– A Valentine’s Day gift could also be a store gift certificate.

– If you’d like to arrange a singing valentine, Dakota Blend quartet will serenade Minot area residents on Valentine’s Day. Call 838-0619 to arrange a serenade.

Or, for those who want to give something personally made they can bake cookies or other sweet treats for their Valentine.

The website,, lists 10 last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts you can still get in time for this Tuesday.

The writer suggests getting that special someone a gift that she’ll (or he’ll) never forget.

“Want to get her a stuffed teddy bear? Fine, but make it one she’ll always remember, like a gigantic 5-foot plush teddy.

“Is chocolate the way to her heart? … get her a gallon of Ghirardelli chocolate or a bunch of giant Hershey Kisses instead.”

If you want to take the less conventional route, a Kindle eBook reader or a Fire Tablet would make a fantastic gift, according to the information .

If you want to go the extra mile, the website suggests upgrading to an affordable 50-inch TV.

Business Insider suggests gifts for men for Valentine’s Day including:

– A new everyday watch.

– A cool new work bag or leather portfolio and if possible have it monogrammed.

– Something green like a low maintenance plant.

– An edible gift such as chocolate-covered pretzels.

– For the die-hard sports fan get him a favorite player’s jersey or a more affordable team’s knit hat.

Many of these items can be bought locally or shipped to your door still in time for Valentine’s Day.