Dakota Handcrafters: Mike Grotte

Name: Mike Grotte • Current Hometown: Glenburn How would you describe your specialty handcraft? Bottle Trees What or who inspired you to become involved in it? I had seen examples of it in the background of movies and magazines, and researched them. How long have you been doing this ...

Dear daughters: Be anything but afraid

My 2-year-old stood before me, her little pastel jewelry set draped around her neck and wrists, and took a bow. “I a queeeennn!!!” she declared as she bent down to the ground and stood back up, beaming before sprinting down the hallway for more props. Queen. This is not a label we ...

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Aphids, a common pest of indoor and outdoor plants, suck plant juices, causing leaves to yellow, brown, wilt or become distorted. Photo from Melinda Myers, LLC

Safely manage insects on indoor plants

Winter can be hard on gardeners and our indoor plants. Low light, shorter days and dry air stress our houseplants while helping insects thrive. Don’t despair if insects have moved in and your plants are struggling with yellow or speckled leaves. Instead, invest a bit of time and effort ...


How to define a good life

I woke up to the sun slowly appearing over the big hill that faces our tall windows. “One ribbon at a time” is a quote I read somewhere describing the sunrise, and I recite it in my head as the pinks, purples and golds appear in the sky just long enough to transform and fade into ...


Attention Minot & area handcrafters!

Are you a handcrafter who quilts, knits, embroiders, cross-stitches or does other types of needlework? Or do you do woodwork/carpentry, candlemaking, soapmaking, cake decorating, beadwork, jewelry design, saddlemaking, T-shirt art, origami, lapidary, metalwork, stained glass, doll maker, ...

New top trending colors for cabinetry

HOWARD LAKE, Minn. – A new Curated Color Collection helps designers and homeowners select top trending painted finish options for their cabinetry. Curated Color Collection from Dura Supreme reflects popular color trends for home interiors and cabinetry. “This has been the year of Navy ...

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You’ve found your gown

Sure, your wedding dress may be the star of the show, but the right accessories can elevate your look and add personality. But between jewelry, shoes, veils and other pieces, there can be a dizzying amount of choices to make. Before you purchase anything, read the top style tips for ...

Twelve yard and garden resolutions you should make in 2018

FARGO — This is the year. Rains will come at just the right times, evenly spaced. The weather will be neither too hot nor too cold. Weeds won’t be an issue. Flowers and vegetables will grow large and lush this summer because blights and bugs froze out during the recent cold ...

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The Carson House, Eureka, California, 1960, by Jack E. Boucher is part of the “House & Home” exhibit.

New exhibit: House & Home exhibit open at ND Heritage Center & State Museum

BISMARCK – A new traveling exhibit at the North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum explores the history and cultural meanings of the American home. The State Historical Society of North Dakota’s website explains the exhibit as follows: “Our houses are more than a structure ...

Parenting: the joke is on us

You guys, this parenting thing is no joke. I say this as I’m celebrating my first month spent working to keep two kids happy, healthy and out of harm’s way. And by out of harm’s way, I mean so many things. Like encouraging the toddler to be helpful, but not the ...

Finding compassion is the gift given in hard times

Christmas is here. The weatherman on the news this morning is warning us of the impending winter storm, the kind that will blow cold arctic air in from Canada and give us a gift of a white and freezing holiday. My husband will come home from work tonight after the sun has set and make little ...

This undated photo shows an olive tree growing in New Paltz, NY. As a symbol of peace and a native of Biblical regions, an olive tree is a good candidate for a holiday tree — and, it grows well as a houseplant. (Lee Reich via AP)

Olive, a worthy holiday tree

How about an olive tree for a holiday tree? I'm not suggesting olive to replace spruces, firs and other conifers that are our traditional holiday trees. But an olive tree, which symbolizes peace and is a tree you actually would find growing in Jerusalem, is an appropriate accompaniment to the ...

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(Two-story home)The Gurney/Metzigian family of 1st Avenue SW, Minot, submitted this photo of their display; (Jesus is the Reason) David and Helen McCormack of 1st Street NW, Minot, provided this photo of the Christmas lights at their home; and Doug, Karla, Rachael and HayLee Ritzke of Cottonwood Avenue, Minot, submitted this photo of the holiday decorations at their house.

Holiday Lights

Readers have submitted these photos of their Christmas season lights.

Christmas Outdoors 015

Send your holiday photo display; deadline Wednesday, Dec. 20

Whether it's a holiday table setting or indoor decorations, outdoor decorations, or Christmas tree you finally get just right, we'd love to share your photos! This is an opportunity to inspire others while demonstrating your creativity and adding to the fun of the season. We'll collect your ...


Research & plan ahead before adding fireplace to home

There are many options for you to choose from where planning to add a fireplace to your home, but the right options can often depend where you want to put your fireplace. Creating a plan and researching your options is the smart way to start. INDOOR FIREPLACES Electric Fireplaces – Do ...

Enjoy holiday tastes without the waste

Holidays often are a time to enjoy delicious food, but sometimes we have leftovers after holiday gatherings. About 1 of every 3 pounds of food is wasted in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The amount of food waste increases by 25 percent between Thanksgiving and ...

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Tractor “sleigh” for Santa

Mark Jorgensen of Antler made this float for the 2017 Mohall Parade of Lights using his grandfather's 1936 Case L tractor.

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Indoor decor galore

Connie Sveen of New Town has provided this photo of the Christmas decorations in her dining room and front room.


Christmas decorations can be re-usable for other holidays

There are many traditional and contemporary ways to decorate for the holidays both inside and outside the home. Christmas is arguably the most popular decorating holiday, but having decorations that are re-usable for other holidays is a great idea. Christmas Decorations – Consider a wide ...