Minot Center for Pediatric Therapy moves to southwest Minot

Ashton Gerard/MDN Minot Center for Pediatric Therapy is now located at 2201 36th Avenue SW, Suite B. The new location offers more space and an updated, calming appeal.

The Minot Center for Pediatric Therapy, originally located in the Main Medical Building at 315 South Main, has recently moved to a new location in southwest Minot. MCPT joins a growing list of businesses moving out of the downtown area and following the outward development of Minot.

Minot Center for Pediatric Therapy started in 2012 and has been continuing to grow every year since. The clinic offers speech language therapy, feeding therapy and occupational therapy to children and adolescents with a variety of abilities and needs.

Their new location, 2201 36th Avenue SW, Suite B, boasts a fresh, clean interior that is, of course, child friendly. The location is also more accessible to patients and their families.

“Our new location has better handicapped accessibility and our own parking, which helps families transport kids with greater ease,” MCPT speech language pathologist Kylee Geer said.

Though they were thankful to have their downtown location with the access to shops and restaurants for practicing life skills, Geer said the new location is overall more family friendly.

Ashton Gerard/MDN Minot Center for Pediatric Therapy therapists, from left, are Summer Van Rooyen, Kylee Geer, Lauren Anderson, Candace Michalenko and Mackenzie Bachmeier. Not pictured is Cassie Sheppard.

“All the kids have responded well to the new location. It has always been a goal to make our facility feel less medical so that kids aren’t nervous coming to a therapy session. When they are comfortable, they are more open to practicing new skills,” she said.

They also needed more space. Their new office has more therapy rooms, a sensory gym and observation rooms for parents to look in and watch their children’s progress. Now, MCPT is able to add more therapists to their team to better meet the needs of their patients.

“Our occupational therapists help children build fine motor skills, learn strategies for meeting sensory needs, manage their emotions when stressed and learn self care skills, such as getting dressed and using the bathroom,” Geer said.

The speech pathologist address language development, speech sound errors, social skills and oral motor deficits related to feeding. They also find communication options for nonverbal children.

Now, MCPT has more than enough room to accommodate their therapists and patients while having a clinic with more accessibility and a calming feel.

Ashton Gerard/MDN A fully stocked kitchen is ready to assist with feeding therapy, while a new sensory gym has been added to help meet children’s’ sensory needs.

“As Minot continues to grow, businesses are looking to see what new developments in town can help them improve their business and be more accessible,” Geer said. “We’re excited to see what other businesses will be coming near our clinic.”

At 2201 36th Avenue SW, Suite C is occupied by Mike Lauckner with Thrivent Financial. There are currently other spaces available.

Any parents who feel their children are having difficulties or are behind in development can contact the clinic to discuss their concerns with a therapist or to schedule a free screening, Geer said. To schedule an evaluation for occupational or speech therapy, call the Minot Center for Pediatric Therapy office at 837-9801.

Beyond therapy, the MCPT hosts “Bloom” every spring, which is an event for mothers of children with special needs. Geer said this event is an evening for moms in the area to feel supported by the community.

“We have a guest speaker each year who shares their family’s story of raising a child with special needs. This year our event is scheduled for May 18th at the Grand Hotel,” she said.

Ashton Gerard/MDN A fully stocked kitchen is ready to assist with feeding therapy, while a new sensory gym has been added to help meet children’s’ sensory needs.

To learn more about MCPT, visit their website at www.minotcpt.com, or visit their Facebook page at Minot Center for Pediatric Therapy.