DCB hires academic support coordinators and safety security officer

Dakota College at Bottineau welcomes two Academic Support Coordinators to campus. These positions are important to the academic success of students. Assessment data is used to identify areas needing improvement allowing the coordinators to implement guidance accordingly.

Zahra Moss, of Bottineau, will be working in the Student Success Center. She will coordinate academic support services for students, providing services such as peer mentoring. In addition, she will coordinate the tutoring program for students who do not qualify for the TRIO program. Zahra will also be instructing the Study Skills class on-campus and online.

Jackie Migler, of Bottineau, will coordinate the disability support services program. She will also serve as the Campus 504 Coordinator and continue her duties instructing and advising in the education program.

Dakota College at Bottineau recently filled a vacant security position with a Bottineau community member. Cole Watson is DCB’s new safety and security officer and officially began work on January third. While Cole is originally from the Twin Cities, he is not new to the Bottineau area. He attended two years of high school at Bottineau High School, where he played football. He attended Dakota College at Bottineau for one year and then went to Lake Region State College where he graduated from the Policy Academy in 2008. His was previously employed as a Deputy Sheriff in both Benson County and Bottineau counties. These experiences will be a benefit to his duties on the DCB Campus. Watson shares that he is anxious to start this new chapter in his career, and that he is looking forward to getting to meet new faces, having new challenges, and helping to make sure everyone on campus feels safe and secure.