State Fair brings home big awards

The North Dakota State Fair earned international recognition at the 127th annual International Association of Fairs and Expositions convention, receiving one first-place award and nine other Awards of Excellence.

Multiple honors were received in the agriculture, communications, and competitive categories.

Fairs and exhibitions from around the world submit entries to IAFE each year, with the end goal of inspiring creativity and ingenuity.

Each category being judged at the IAFE convention focuses on a different aspect of specific events and event planning.

“The IAFE Agricultural Awards contest provides fairs with a unique collaboration experience, allowing them to critique the aspects of agriculture throughout fairs, internationally,” said Lori Hart, director of education and member services. The North Dakota State Fair took home one second-place finish and two third-place awards out of 13 categories.

In the IAFE Hall of Honor Communications contest, Hart says that competitors are provided with a unique collaboration experience, allowing them to critique promotional materials in an effort to continue strengthening marketing campaigns.

The North Dakota State Fair placed in five out of the 20 categories, receiving one second-place honor and four third- place awards.

In the Competitive Exhibit competition, the North Dakota State Fair secured one first-place finish and one third-place award.

Renae Korslien, general manager of the State Fair, said, “I am so proud of how the team at the North Dakota State Fair presents what we all love doing, making our Fair fun, safe, and always changing. Each year we continue to grow as well, with over 47,000 competitive exhibits on display in 2017. We have so much to be proud of as a Fair.”

The International Association of Fairs and Expositions, based in Springfield, Mo., is a voluntary, nonprofit corporation, serving state, provincial, regional, and county agricultural fairs, shows, exhibitions, and expositions. Its associate members include state and provincial associations of fairs, non-agricultural expositions and festivals, associations, corporations, and individuals engaged in providing products and services to its members, all of whom are interested in the improvement of fairs, shows, expositions, and allied fields.