New reporter at Pierce County Tribune

Bonnie Remmick has been hired as a reporter at the Pierce County Tribune. Born in Rugby, Remmick lived there until she was 11 when her family moved to Idaho. Recently she has moved back, purchasing the house her parents once owned, to continue pursuing her love of writing back where it started.

Remmick has been writing since she was 9 years old. She has two degrees from Edmonds College, a paralegal degree and a humanities degree. She is currently almost finished with a computer science degree as well. She is also a certified PMP in project management. Her jobs have always involved writing, though her writing skills are very wide. She’s written grants, magazine articles, technical documents, health care records, and much more. She has worked 20 plus years in software management developing programs for the computer industry. One of her favorite things she’s worked on was when she designed and wrote the requirements for the Boeing flight simulators for their airplanes.

She has chosen to move to article writing because she loves informing others and celebrating people’s lives. She loves the human interest of it.

In her spare time, Remmick enjoys writing and is currently working on a book about a World War II prisoner of war from Seattle.