All of that and more

Kent Olson/MDN Signs, pillows, benches and dried floral arrangements are among the locally made items to be found at The Foundry, 1407 S. Broadway.

Minot’s newest store for home decor isn’t an antique store, a crafts store, a “junk” shop or a market for repurposed goods. It’s actually all of that and more.

The Foundry, 1407 S. Broadway, Suite C, was opened by Rachael Walz at the end of August and just finished its third weekend in business. An occasional store, The Foundry is open the second and fourth weekend of each month, Thursday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“Awesome. It’s been an awesome, awesome experience,” Walz said of opening the new store. New customers as well as people she has done business with before have flocked to The Foundry and expressed their approval to Walz.

“The goal was that The Foundry would be a purveyor of gathered goods,” Walz said. Put another way, she deals with numerous makers – local, regional and some national – people who create, design, or repurpose and then sell on consignment through Walz at The Foundry.

One example of the dozen entrepreneurs Walz sells for is a Kenmare gardener who grows tons of pumpkins that are in such big demand this time of year. Walz expects to have four more independent business owners displaying their wares come October, with even more expected to follow.

Kent Olson/MDN Rachael Walz, owner of The Foundry, has but one word to describe how her new home decor store has turned out; “Awesome.”

Right now The Foundry is ripe with fall colors, but even before all of the Halloween candy is gone decorations for the holidays will start hitting the shelves. Those items are already being made and stocked. They have to be.

Walz works fulltime at the store but her makers mostly have other jobs.

“They create on the weekends and evenings,” she said.

“It requires a lot of planning,” Walz said of having enough merchandise to keep the store running. “I’m a maker myself, but there’s no way I could fill a store this size alone.”

Walz also opens the store during the week to put on DIY workshops. She said following The Foundry on Facebook is the best way to find out when those workshops will be held.