Small works and mixed media returns to Taube

“Coloring outside the lines” by Walter Peihl is part of a 34 artists showcase at the Taube Museum of Art.

Vibrant displays of emotion paired with striking artistry will be featured during the 10th Annual Small Works Exhibition and Auction, at the Taube Museum of Art until July 28.

Described as a must-see exhibition for the Magic City community by Taube Museum executive director Nancy Walter, visitors can experience the dynamic talents of 34 local and regional artists.

Emotional in tone and awe-inspiring with skill, the Small Works Exhibition provides a diverse showcase ranging from breathtaking photography to riveting paintings.

In addition to viewing the stunning works of celebrated artists Walter Piehl, Linda Olson, Sue Anne Huitt and Jill Roloff, audiences can have the unique opportunity to meet and greet Carol Fielhaber during her reception tonight from 5:30-7 p.m.

Known for her masterful technique and heartfelt interpretations, Fielhaber’s works are rich with texture, color, shape and value.

During her exhibition, Fielhaber hopes to empower audiences to embrace their individuality.

“The purpose at the heart of this exhibit is to encourage each individual, as well as societies, communities, and cultures to be empowered, to take ownership of and to grow their own vessel in a way that makes them whole and validated,” said Fielhaber. “We are all born with a unique fingerprint, footprint, heartbeat and DNA. Somewhere along the line in our life’s journey, many of us cease to remember our unique being and begin to seek to be someone else, to please someone else.”

Along with enjoying a fascinating exhibition, hors d’oouevres and wine will be served. There will be no charge during the reception and contributions will be accepted to the museum.

For more information about the 10th Annual Small Works Exhibition and Auction or the Carol Fielhaber reception, call the Taube Museum of Art at 838-4445.