Saturday night soul

Yacht Rock Revue to perform soul rock at 4 Bears

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Nicknamed “The Best Show on Surf,” Yacht Rock Revue is cruisin’ and groovin’ to 4 Bears Casino and Lodge, where they will perform their infectious brand of high-octane funk, electrifying rock and scintillating soul.

Hailing from “The Empire State of the South,” the Georgia septet will headline a music showcase featuring blues extraodinare Danielle Nicole, Saturday starting at 7 p.m.

Across the U.S., Yacht Rock Revue is earning a stellar reputation for their smooth vocals, sensational showmanship and flamboyant style.

From vintage aviator sunglasses to chic applejack hats, the Georgia tribute band is garnering accolades for honoring the biggest names and fashion icons of music.

“The first question we always ask ourselves ‘Is the fabric breathable?'” said Nicholas Niespodziani, the lead singer. “If the answer is ‘yes,’ then we can’t wear it. We like our clothes absolutely unbreathable and polyester all the way. The key to wearing good retro clothing is to find a good tailor, you can find the good stuff but getting it to fit is the real challenge.”

Unbuttoned shirts paired with rich musicality continues to catapult Yacht Rock Revue to must-see status.

“The number one thing we’re trying to do is transport our fans to a different era and mindset,” Niespodziani said. “If you come to our show, we want you to feel like it’s 1979 and you are on a Yacht with Ted Turner, listening to his favorite music. Imagine sipping a margarita without a care in the world, it’s what we’re going for. We take our music very seriously but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re all about playing good time music.”

During their set, audiences can experience the bold sound of a seven-piece band performing hits by Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, Led Zeppelin, Prince, Michael Jackson, Kenny Loggins and an extensive catalogue of several notable artists.

In addition to playing the hottest hits of from the ’70s and ’80s, Yacht Rock Revue usually shares the stage with a special guest.

Past performances have featured Weezer, Billy Joel, Don Henley, Joan Jett along with countless other legends.

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For ticket information, contact 4 Bears Casino and Lodge at or call 627-7575.