Country soul: Chris Basden to perform at Oak Park

Allan Blanks/MDN Local country singer Chris Basden continues to entertain Magic City audiences with his fusion of Southern rock and progressive country. Basden will perform at Oak Park tonight at 6 p.m

Melodic vocals matched with impassioned storytelling will resonate across Oak Park this evening as local country singer Chris Basden performs a stirring mix of original songs.

Basden, a native of Anchorage, Alaska, continues to entertain Magic City audiences with his fusion of Southern rock and progressive country.

Tonight at 6 p.m., Basden, a Minot resident, looks forward to sharing his spirited brand of country soul.

“Playing at Oak Park is an exciting opportunity,” Basden said. “It’s a really cool feeling to play my songs.”

Throughout Basden’s hit song “Snow Storm,” the Surrey High School alumnus displays a wide range of vulnerability as he accentuates his vocals with heartfelt vibratos.

“‘Snow Storm’ is about being separated from someone or something you long for,” Basden said. “This song captures the feeling of knowing what you want but being unable to get it because of difficult circumstances.”

Opposite of the soul-stirring ballad “Snow Storm,” is the acoustic pop song “That’s Why I love You.”

Rich with dynamics and high-octane rhythms, Basden’s flair for acoustic-style music shines brightly as he sings spirited vocals to the uptempo hit.

For Basden, live performances provide a unique opportunity to showcase the full capacity of acoustic soul.

“One of the major criticisms of acoustic music is the idea of someone strumming a chord and simply singing along,” Basden said.

Prior to exploring his passion for acoustic music, Basden excelled as a multi-instrumentalist.

“When I was about six or seven years old, I lived in Alaska and remembered being drawn to my grandma’s studio piano,” Basden said. “When melodies from the radio or school would get stuck in my head so I would go to the piano and try to pound them out.”

Between Basden’s natural talent and intense curiosity of music, the aspiring country singer was encouraged by several people including his grandmother Alice Wright and his music teacher Marlowe Kittleson.

With the encouragement of family, friends and educators, Basden’s commitment to music made him a talented pianist, bassist, percussionist and guitarist.

Today, Basden is both thrilled and gracious to showcase his passion for music and love of songwriting with Magic City audiences.

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