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Minot Camera Club awards winners in ‘Year-End Competition’

Submitted Photo Prairie Storm”, by photographer Tim Zeltinger, of Glenburn, was awarded first place in the color photography division.

Described as “The best of the best” by Betty Nordstrom, a member of the Minot Camera Club, this year’s crop of photographers captured the eyes and imaginations of judges during the 2017 “Year-End Competition” held by the Minot Camera Club at Planet Pizza, May 15.

Winning first place in the color photography division was Tim Zeltinger, a Glenburn photographer, who produced “Prairie Storm.”

Featuring ominous clouds and mind-blowing strikes of lightning, Zeltinger described the intense fear he experienced when capturing his first-place photograph.

“Taken June 8 or 9, straight line winds did so much damage to Lansford and the surrounding area,” Zeltinger said. “Taken southwest of Glenburn, I’ve never been scared for my life like I was that night. Nearly going in the ditch and losing my tonneau cover off my pickup in a matter of seconds, a person wonders how many storms that tree has seen. Dead to us but yet so full of life and stories.”

Along with winning first place for “Prairie Storm,” Zeltinger was voted winner of the Eileen McEown Outstanding Member Award.

Submitted Photo “Have You Seen a Rabbit?” by Minot photographer Erich Linser earned first place in the monochrome division.

As Zeltinger captured the ferocity of a lightning storm, Kyra Hansen, of Minot, seized the magic of “Fireflies” in the artistic division.

“Kyra is an up and coming photographer,” Nordstrom said. “She has an incredible eye for catching pictures and adds a unique artistic quality to them. Kyra has a bright future.”

For the fourth year in a row, Hansen was awarded Outstanding Photographer of the Year.

While Hansen caught the mesmerizing “Fireflies,” Erich Linser, of Minot, tested the curiosity of viewers in his first-place monochrome winner, “Have You Seen a Rabbit?”

“This picture has placed in various North Dakota competitions,” Nordstrom said. “Erich has a special way of capturing the eyes of viewers.”

Submitted Photo Photographer Kyra Hansen, of Minot, won first place for “Fireflies” in the artistic division.

In addition to Zeltinger, Hansen and Linser, a talented core of Minot photographers including Nate Walther, LaVonne Carlson, Jill Roloff, Judy Valgren and Betty Nordstrom garnered awards.

Before the Minot Camera Club concluded its “Year-End Competition,” Susan Lundmark, of Minot, was awarded the Rosemary Debertin Outstanding New Member Award, while Steve Silseth, of Minot, earned the Lisa Eriksmoen Outstanding N4C Member Award.