Picture Perfect

Minot-area photographers win top honors in monthly competition

Submitted Photo “Golden Pond,” by Minot photographer Steve Silseth, was awarded first place in the North Central Camera Club Club Council.

Minot-area photographer Steve Stilseth captured the eye and votes of the North Central Camera Club Council with his latest photo titled “Golden Pond.”

Betty Nordstrom, a member of the Minot Camera Club, expressed excitement for Stilseth’s monumental victory.

“Several members of the Minot Camera Club have been entering in N4C’s monthly competitions,” Nordstrom said. “The competition is extremely tough. After many excellent entries, the club finally received a first-place award.”

Local awards

In addition to Stilseth’s recent victory, Nordstrom shared great enthusiasm for the accomplishments of Minot photographers Kadi Ruby who won March’s color category with “Daddy’s Girl” and Kyra Hansen who earned top prize for March’s artistic entry “Sunset Kisses” and “She’s Smoke,” a monochrome work.

Sweeping February’s print category was Erich Linser, who took first place in three divisions.

Linser’s artistic entry “Cruising In The Grass” paired with his monochrome work “Have You Seen A Rabbit” and “Sunset On The Dinosaur” in the color category earned rave reviews.

Tim Zeltinger, an up and coming photographer from Glenburn, earned first place in the color monochrome category while Nordstrom took top honors in February’s artistic category.

Continuing the club’s winning ways were Richard Debertin of Berthold and Jill Roloff of Minot, who’s work received favorable reviews and placed respectively.

Hansen opened 2017 by sweeping January’s print category.

“Lost Boy” won top honors in the monochrome category along with “Daddy’s Lil Monster” in the artistic category and “Scrub-A-Dub” as a color piece.

Following suit was Nate Walther, a Minot-area photographer, who dominated the color entries with “You’re Not My Mother” and artistic print category with “Bubble Vision.”

Ruby helped the club earn additional praise by garnering honors respectively.