Heritage Singers Variety Show returns to Minot

Allan Blanks/MDN Minot’s Heritage Singers prepare for tonight’s Variety Show, from 5-7 p.m. at The Vegas Motel.

The Vegas Motel will feature the powerful vocal prowess of the Heritage Singers during their 44th Annual Variety Show, tonight to Saturday, Feb. 18, at 5 p.m.

Concertgoers can anticipate both a live and silent auction while enjoying a spaghetti dinner as they listen to Minot’s popular choral group.

Throughout their 44 years of live entertainment, the Heritage Singers of Minot have delighted audiences both locally and internationally.

Bruce Anderson, president of the Heritage Singers, is a founding member

“People who like choral music can appreciate the deep, rich sound that our voices make,” Anderson said. “When you have 40 guys on stage belting out a song, it’s a powerful experience. What drives us is the need to keep male choral music alive.”

Jared Olson, a singer and vice president of the Heritage Singers, enjoys the proud traditions of the 44-year-old choral sensation.

As a recent graduate of Minot State University, Olson expressed a combination of gratitude and excitement toward his Heritage Singers.

“The brotherhood feels like a real family,” Olson said. “We’re all here for each other and the camaraderie creates a great support system.”

In between live shows and meticulous practice sessions, Olson alongside his vocal brethren like to keep the mood lively by playing pranks and taking fishing trips.

For Olson, having a good time is important to sustaining the art of men’s choral music.

“It’s really special to keep this tradition and singing style alive,” Olson said. “It’s an art form that needs to be shared with the community.”

Men with a passion for singing or a curiosity for choral music are encouraged to audition.

Experience is a benefit but is not required to join.

During a trip to Rome, the Heritage Singers shared their Magic City sound before visitors to the Vatican.

Inspired by famous structures designed by Michelangelo and numerous walls of Renaissance artwork, members of the celebrated choir seized a rare opportunity in the historic city.

After speaking to a director, the Heritage Singers gained the blessing to showcase their spirited vocals.

“It’s a gorgeous building with beautiful statues and amazing art,” Anderson said. “We submitted our music for approval and were given permission to sing. We had no idea that we would be singing in St. Peter’s Basilica. We were right there.”

According to Anderson, every four to five years, the Heritage Singers take their legendary sound to international destinations.

From St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome to quaint towns in Ireland, the vocal prowess of Minot’s beloved choral group is cherished around the globe.

“When we visit other countries, we always sing with their local groups,”said Mike Kelly, a member and public relations officer of the Heritage Singers. “We’ve met groups that are just like us and we had a great time. Language was never a barrier, we look forward to singing and we’re always excited about new possibilities.”

No matter the city or the venue, the Heritage Singers pride themselves in providing top-notch entertainment that promotes joyful experiences for their audience.

“When you come to any of the shows we put on, you’re going to leave our concert with a smile,” Kelly said.

The Heritage Singers will do an additional showcase Thursday, Feb. 23- Saturday, Feb. 25.

To purchase tickets, visit the Minot Area Council of the Arts located at 3 S. Main Street, Suite 2 or call 833-6585 between 9 a.m.-12 p.m.