Even5 to play at benefit for domestic violence

Submitted Photo Known for their electrifying stage presence and spirited vocals, Even5 will perform at The Grand tomorrow for the 3rd Annual Cause to Rock to Benefit the Domestic Violence Crisis Center.

Even5 continues to rise by delivering spirited vocals and electrifying performances.

Known for their comical costumes, Even5 is serious about providing a good time and an exciting show.

From 8 p.m.- midnight at The Grand on North Hill Minot, Even5 will perform crowd favorites ranging from classic rock, top 40 pop and country.  In addition to playing the popular songs of today and yesterday, Even5 is thrilled to perform at the 3rd Annual Cause to Rock Benefit this Friday.

Tony, the keyboardist of Even5, feels honored to perform at the benefit and delighted to celebrate his birthday as well.

“It’s going to be a blast,” Tony said. “We’re playing for a really great cause and I believe everyone is going to have a good time.”

Throughout the night, Eve, the lead singer of Even5, is looking forward to energizing crowds with her dynamic vocals.

“We’re going to be giving a high energy show,” Eve said. “We know over 40 songs and look forward to keeping everyone dancing.”

Eve, alongside bassist Kim, are a vocal tandem that express vibrant harmonies.

“Kim brings a lot of energy to the stage,” Eve said. “Her harmonies are awesome, she works very hard on the music and she loves to dance.”

During their set, the Minot-based band enjoys interacting with the audience and at times welcomes fans to share the stage.

For Eve and the members of Even5, being able to embrace the musical connection with their audience is a magical feeling.

“At any given moment, the dynamic of a show can change,” said Al, a vocalist and guitarist of Even5. “It’s a special feeling when you hear the crowd singing with you and back to you.”

With nearly three years together, Even5 continues to expand their talents yet never loses touch with who they are.

When asked to describe the determination it takes to grow in the music industry, Al echoed the band’s values of determination and authenticity.

“Never give up and stay true to who you are” Al said. “There are plenty of opportunities out here if you want to do this. However, you have to stick with it. Keep learning and always practice.”

Along with an intense commitment to their craft, family and friendship is another element that binds the band together.

According to Eve, the friendship between lead guitarist Justin and drummer Jordan have added a new element to Even5’s sound.

“Justin and Jordan have become a lot closer,” Eve said. “Their friendship has made them better musicians.”

As Even5 approaches their three-year anniversary, their eyes are set on continuing their dream to perform music.

“We’ve just been added to the rotation in Grand Forks and Fargo,” Eve said. “We’re playing Shotgun Sally’s Rock and Roll Saloon in Grand Forks and Windbreak in Fargo. We also have done a showcase for the North Dakota and South Dakota Fairs Convention, so we’re hoping we can get the opportunity to perform at some of the upcoming fairs.”

For bands and singers who aspire to lead music careers, Eve shares the following advice.

“Don’t allow your shyness to get in the way of your success,” Eve said. “I would’ve never been in the band if it weren’t for Al. I was really shy and Al was the one who asked to start a band. If you want it, just ask for it. Don’t be too scared to ask for what you want.”

To learn more about Even5, visit www.facebook.com/even5band/ and to purchase tickets for the 3rd Annual Cause to Rock to benefit the Domestic Violence Crisis Center, call 852-2258.